Zentail | An E-Commerce Automation And Multi-channel Software

Zentail An Introduction

Zentail is a multi-channel e-commerce automation and management technology with a simplified interface for the effortless control of your ecommerce operations. It has a whole slew of tools and features that help you realize scalability goals and even enhance your workflow efficiency across the different teams. Because of this, you can also enjoy higher returns.

With the help of Zentail, you also have easy access to information that can boost your business. The solution analytics tools offer this in the form of easily digestible graphs that can display any results you want. It even tells you the most profitable items and vendors in which the channel, thereby allowing you to design promotions that can also highlight these and uplift your less popular products and brands too.

Let us look at some of the features of Zentail:

Proprietary Categorization Method

Zentrail has its own patented categorization technology that enables you to apply categories and attributes across all your listings. It is called the Standard Marketplace Attribution Relation Technology(SMART). This even reduces the time to spend on managing and listing your catalog and increases the accuracy of multi-channel lists as well.

Efficient Catalog Management

Because Zentail brings each and every product you have under one umbrella, it transforms your catalog management into something that is much more efficient. That is because you can edit your listing from one place: descriptions, tags, images, titles, prices and more. If you prefer you can do it individually or in bulk as well. Whatever, the case you can expect any of the change you make to roll out across all your channels.

Effortless Inventory Control

Updating your product quantities is a must, especially when the items are in demand. By doing so, you ensure that you have plenty of stock to send out to the interested customers. Zentail gives you a hand at this by automatically adjusting the numbers after every sale. As such you know exactly when you need to reorder products to keep your customer much more satisfied.

Uncomplicated Pricing Governance

With the help of Zentail, you can be too competitive with your prices on every e-commerce channel. The solution has a smart repricing feature that lets you set the maximum and minimum limits, and it even finds the best price within that range. Moreover, should you want or need to, you can override this tool. This is especially beneficial if you have promotional sales in different channels. Thus, you can experience higher conversions and profitability.

To Sum Up

Overall, it offers the great features to be used as a automation tool. Its multichannel e-commerce made simple. Manage your catalog, inventory and orders from one simple interface.