Startup in Review: Zenkit | Project Management Software

Zenkit is a collaborative SaaS platform for the project management, database building and much more. Follow your data with its entire lifecycle, from fluid research and brainstorming through to a structured system for the collaborative use. Zenkit is the flexible workspace which you can use to organize and manage anything.

Zenkit lets you manipulate and view your data in the multiple intuitive ways to gain a deeper insight into your projects. Just start with a simple list to plan your process, or switch to a table to input some of the more additional data and view analytics. You can use it to build your own CRM, financial planner, automated reporting system or simply to save your recipes and plan your holidays. Share your workspaces and assign tasks to your colleagues and friends, and view as much as little data as you need any point of time. Zenkit helps you to focus more on what is important.

Zenkit is a relational database which anyone can understand and use. It is the home for your data, your business, your projects and no matter how big or small, complex or simple it. You can use Zenkit to cultivate your data and help your projects flourish.

Global Calendar

Juggling multiple projects? You need a way to track events and tasks across all the collections. Zenkit provides you with a Global Calendar and with more customized things in it.

Team Tasks

An inbox for your team. One place to view all the items which are assigned to you or to anyone you collaborate with. Create and automatically assigns the items to your team without getting lost in the complex projects.


You need a way to track items from your account in just one place. With the help of Zenkit, you can mark them as a favorite so that you can access them in a snap.

Activity tracking

Watch activities as they occur. See everything which is going on in your collections, items and in teams.


Nowadays we are getting lots of notifications, with Zenkit you can customize your notifications to get the information which you need, when and where you need it.