Youtube Plans To Update More Functional Autoplay Feature

One of the largest Video streaming platform YouTube is looking to be testing a new way to let users have more control over the videos that play automatically after one gets over. As of now, YouTube lets a user view a bunch of videos that are queued up in the autoPlay line up, but there is barely anything a user can do apart from just turning off the feature. Videos that appear in the ‘Up next’ column play automatically if the toggle button of autoplay is enabled.

As of now, YouTube decides that which videos are available in the AutoPlay queue based on user viewing habits and some other parameters. YouTube is now looking to change some of the things by offering the custom options just above the ‘Up Next’ column according to the report which has been revealed. The feature as of now is being tested in India and US with the selected users.

According to the report which has been revealed, YouTube now displays filters as well that let users pick from the options such as the ‘Related’, ‘Suggestions’, ‘Recommended for you’ and some others. According to these filters and options, YouTube changes the videos in the ‘Up Next’ column. The feature does not let users pick what exactly they want to see next, but also offers a certain level of modifications and customization. YouTube also seems to be testing a wide range of these filters.

As of now, users weren't able to locate these filters on the YouTube app on the Android device yet. This means YouTube is now probably going to test it out across a small set of users. India and US is a huge market for the video streaming platform, YouTube, it's not a surprise that the company is reportedly testing the feature amongst its American users.

Nevertheless, it would be a welcome change for YouTube users across the world. By offering a little more control to users, YouTube might also just going to increase Autoplay usage in the near future.

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