YouTube’s New Features Will Let Creators Earn More

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Over the past two years, YouTube has been implementing new features to let video creators earn more. As part of this development, YouTube announced at VidCon that it would bring more features in the coming weeks for YouTube channel owners. The program will include more subscription options, additional merchandise partners, and many more ways to get tips. 

“We have already started bringing in money for thousands and thousands of channels,” YouTube’s chief product officer Neal Mohan said.

YouTube is bringing one of the new features, Super Stickers, as a continuation of its quite successful feature Super Chat that is launched in 2017. Super Chat now has become beneficiary for over 90,000  channels, and the stream earning is considered to be $400 per minute. This streaming channel is the most profitable revenue streaming on YouTube.

The upcoming Super Sticker will let the fans pin the stickers under the live steaming. The company will make it available in almost all languages in a few months. 

The last two years were highly profitable for YouTubers, and with the upcoming programs, they can compete the existing successful vloggers on Twitch and Patreon

“Successful YouTubers are earning five to six figures a year on YouTube, and the number of creators in that bracket has grown 40% year over years, Mohan said to The Verge.

According to the existing channel membership, fans have to pay $4.99 and more badges, new emojis will be available. It will also include exclusive live streams and extra shots. The company will, today, add a most requested feature, membership level, said on official YouTube blog. This will let the channel owners fix customizable different level memberships. 

The officials also said that the company would, today, also add five new partners for Merch shelf: Crowdmade, DFTBA, Fanjoy, Represent and Rooster Teeth.

Additionally, YouTube Announced about bringing a better advancement for educational purpose. The new feature, called Learning Playlist will let the creators split the videos into different chapters. This feature will be, at the initial stage, tested on most trusted partners such as TED-Ed, The Coding Train, and Crash Course. 

All these features are not different from the existing features, but the expansion of existing ones, Mohan said.


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