YouTube Now Available on Nintendo Switch

One of the largest Video Sharing Platform YouTube has now finally launched the Nintendo switch, as it becomes the third video app on the hybrid console by following the Hulu and Niconico. Nintendo Switch users can now download the YouTube app with the help of a Nintendo eshop at free of cost.  If a user is familiar with the YouTube on the Android TV, then it will be right at home with the YouTube on the Nintendo Switch. Some of the additional things which include the use of the Joy Cons or the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to navigate its User Interface

And even users can sign into the Google account for the complete access for the subscription, playlists, history and even the purchased movies. It also comes up with support for the Moves anywhere program so that if any user has purchased from the Amazon, iTunes, VUDU and Google Play Movies as well. It is also essential to note that the Nintendo Switch YouTube app is 720p in the handheld mode and 1080p in the docked mode with the help of a compatible screen.

The first video streaming app is also going to hit the Nintendo Switch was Niconico in July 2017. Just like YouTube, Niconico users can now also upload, share video, upload and view. Comments on a Niconico video show up on the video itself. This lets commenters respond immediately to the events unfolding onscreen, giving the illusion of a communal watching experience. Uploaders can annotate videos, add special effects, and even quizzes via special commands known as Nicoscript.

At the moment the Niconico app is completely in Japanese and requires a Niconico account to view videos. Firing up the app for the first time explains that your Nintendo Network ID, date of birth, email address, and profile details will be shared with Niconico.

“Kick back and relax with YouTube on your Nintendo Switch,” tweeted Nintendo. “Enjoy entertainment like music videos and shows, plus gaming live streams, how-to guides and much more. YouTube is now available to download from Nintendo eshop.”

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