Want A Tool To Monitor And Analyze Social Media Channels, Use YouScan

Social media platforms have become a necessity for businesses a long ago. With more than 2.8 billion users already active on social media, marketers cannot afford to miss out on such a big opportunity in today’s scenario.

To keep oneself updated, marketers need to monitor the behavior of consumers/users on social media channels about their product or brand, and this is where YouScan comes into the picture.

YouScan An Introduction

YouScan is a social media analysis platform for the organization to monitor what consumers are saying about your product or brand. Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing power it, the tool gives you a smart, real-time solution to empower your customer support, research, marketing, and PR professionals. It uses the image recognition technology to use your social media monitoring and give you a bigger picture of your social media channels.

The tool’s AI-powered data analysis analyzes and collects images with your brand. This function evaluates the objects and scenes on the image to determine how the customers are using your brand. You can even filter data according to the demographics, location and among others and detect trends automatically along with its analytics.

YouScan is loaded with the important and essential social media listing features like smart alerts; Machine learning powered analytics, spam filtering, and sentiment. It even ensures that the more accurate sentiment analysis results by enabling you to replace and tag automatically detected and assigned sentiment manually. It even automates workflows where you can set up the rules, collaborate with unlimited users, and manage different access level for the employees.

Let us have a look at some of the features of YouScan:

AI-Powered Data Analysis

YouScan enhances your social media monitoring with the image detection technology. It evens cans images with your brand logo, regardless of the text background, to give you a bigger picture of your social media mentions. It even filters data by the location, and demographics among others, and even identifying objects and scenes to understand how the consumers receive your product or brand. It even automatically analyzes up to 100 million social media mentions to detect the trends and sentiment.

Optimize Workflow Automation

YouScan minimizes work done by the users through enabling categorizations, filters, and tags. You can even set up rules to optimize your entire workflow. For much more instance, you can specify keywords on tags and mark them with colors for the easy visualization.

Leverage Collaboration

Teams can easily work like a together as there are no any other upper or lower limits to the number of users in the account. Users who will not use the system on a day to day basis can still access the tool. Moreover, you can even increase your productivity by setting different access level for the users. Moreover, you can assign a user to a specific mention with the custom notes to focus on the essential social media mentions.

Receive Smart Notifications

Based on the multiple arguments like the sentiment, engagement, source, potential audience, and the subject general background, you will automatically receive smart notifications after a deviation of the average indicators. This functionality empowers you on how you even monitor a specific topic as smart algorithms capture and analyze your indicators.

To Sum Up

Overall, YouScan offers the great features to be included into your social media marketing toolkit. It’s highly recommended for those who aren’t quite tech-savvy but don’t want to lose to their competition either that’s using social media actively.