XRP Dethrones Ethereum To Become Second Largest Cryptocurrency

As we all know that from the past few days much has been happening in the world of crypto, as with most of the cryptos getting in the green zone and scoring some of the nice price percentage increases at a faster rate, moreover, it is what happens around the XRP that really catches the eye in a very good way. XRP is now the second largest crypto in the market, with dethroned the Ethereum just a few weeks ago.

XRP’s Journey To Popularity

From the past so many years, XRP has also attracted lots of attention from both the investors as well as from the Banking institutions that would like to utilize it in various sort of payment solutions and use cases. Ripple the main company which is as of now driving the high push for the global XRP adoptions, has been in the front part in cranking out the cool digital products which is highly meant to woo more of the institutional users that would also eventually incorporate the XRP in their processing of day to day transactions.

The Base Pair Event

Apart from just the adoption by the various corporate world institutions, XRP also seems to have gained quite some sort of favor in the eyes of the crypto exchanges. From so many months, XRP has been added to some of the more exchanges that’s see it as a credible and viable trading cryptocurrency which is also worthy of their attention. Moreover, the most recent addition does XRP even in a better way, as it adds it as their base pair currency.

Now, XRP is available as the base pair currency on the BCTEXA, a crypt exchange based out of Australia. That is much more according to the report which has been revealed by the BCTEXA officials today. At the moment, BTCEXA will be going to offer XLM/XRP and ADA/XRP pairs. As expected, the news of the development was received with pomp and excitement by the XRP.

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