Earn A Passive Income By Hosting Encrypted Data Via X Core

X-core An Introduction

X core is simple peer to peer downloadable application that enables hosts to act as computing servers who securely store and share encrypted shards of data.

Let us look at some of the features of X-Core:

Host easier and Earn More

Hosts rent out their computers extra hard drive space which allows the storing and uploading of users encrypted data. In return, hosts will be paid in the form of a cryptocurrency, INXT. The harder drive space you allocate to the network, the more INXT you will earn.

Taking the power back

Each host can decide that how much computer resources they designate to the network, as well as when and how long for. You can leave X Core running in the background, and your computer will even earn your passive income. Better by design.

Easy set-up

Becoming a host to share your computer's resources on the X Core network is quick and easy to set up. Simply download the desktop application, create your own node and your device will automatically be connected, and will always be connected unless you say otherwise. All the hard work has been done for you.

Beautiful Interface

Functionality and complexity were always kept in a tight balance, so that using this new technology feels second nature, even if you never have before.

The two aspects of X Core are:

X Core Dashboard

X Core home screen displays only your necessary information so that you can get started as quickly as possible without having to learn anything new. Currently earning, shows that how much INXT you have earned since the very first day. Network data, uptime and display your upload and download speed, and your connectivity status.

X Core Settings

X Core settings give you the full control over how much computer resources usage you designate for hosting by just adjusting your hosting parameters to be able to ensure hosting never interferes with your experience. The more you simply designate to the network, the number of INXT you will earn.

To Sum Up

Overall, X-Core is a great tool for earning the passive income via hosting encrypted data.