Authors And Publishers Choice Writefull- Award-Winning Writing App

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Earlier, even after years of hard work of authors and writers often used to face rejection not because of grammar or the content idea or plot of the written workpiece but due to the poor language, the idea has been expressed in. Among numerous writing apps, the best suggestions and corrections for professional writing are offered by Writefull, it stands out for its unparalleled traits.

Writefull is the app for checking the manuscript before submission so to the author can clear the clutter and errors right away. On the other hand, Writefull helps publishers to screen the content faster. 

Writefull is an AI-powered app that checks the text and provides suggestions and feedback on content using language models. When you put any text in Writefull popover, it uses various language databases for the frequency of that particular piece of text. It not only checks grammar but all the aspects like accurate usage of words as per the content which no other writing tool offers. Writefull app can be used by researchers for scientific text as it uses language models that are trained on numerous peer-reviewed journal articles. 

Authors And Publishers Choice Writefull- Award-Winning Writing App

Juan Castro, an Artificial Intelligence Ph.D. holder and co-founder of ThinqLab and Startupkit founded Writefull in 2014. Juan has a passion for innovating new technologies that could be useful to the world. Juan’s computer science background has helped him in the creation, development, and improvement of Writefull.

While putting the text in the Writefull’s popover and request for the information you simply need to choose the database from where you have to get the results like Books, Scholar, News, or Web in any language. Writefull uses databases such as Google Scholar, Google Web, Google Books, and Google News. It has academic papers and reports in 9 languages, covering 36 languages of web pages, over 5 million books, and 4500 news sources worldwide in 35 languages. 

Writefull can be activated in any writing tool like TextEdit, Outlook, Gmail, MS Word, etc. It can be set as the keyboard shortcut for quicker search or else the traditional way of searching in its search bar. 

To check how often the piece of text appears, in the search bar of Writefull, the user has to just drop the specific text in the appropriate database to check the occurrence of text in a variety of contexts. The higher the number of your text appears in the search bar shows the text is written correctly. You can also see how those words are used in a variety of sentences by clicking on it.  

Comparing two similar pieces of texts of similar meaning is possible with Writefull ex: growing concern vs increasing concern. It will give you examples of both the texts and also tell you about the right use of words and phrases as per the context. 

In Writefull by using the star (*) or underscore (_) character, you can check for the appropriate usage of adjective or preposition as per the context. Using two stars (**) you can get synonyms that perfectly fit the context. By enter /define followed by word gives you the meaning of a specific word,  whereas by enter /translate followed by the chunk of text can give the text translation of any language in English. For learning the pronunciation of a specific text enter /say followed by the text. The website says soon there will be an addition of more features.

Writefull has been awarded Catalyst Grant 2016 held by Digital Science. Writefull was also featured in The Next Web, Entrepreneur Magazine, BBC, etc. Besides, there is another quality brand, which is ProWritingAid and you can make use of ProWritingAid Discount Code from here.


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