Manage Fixed Assets Of Your Organization With WorthIT Fixed Assets

If your firm still computes depreciation manually, and cannot justify the extra software costs just to get out a listing of fixed assets with the depreciation computed correctly, you may want to look again at fixed asset software and this is where WorthIT Fixed Assets came into the picture.

WorthIT Fixed Assets An Introduction

WorthIT Fixed Assets in all the encompassing business reporting solution that helps manage fixed assets. It has a slew of features and some of the capabilities that are designed to assist you with the movement of your assets and in their repair and maintenance. These are especially critical, as they can aid you in monitoring their description. In that regard, you can even utilize standard and with the popular depreciation methods or you can also apply your own to the system.

However, WorthIT Fixed Assets has a broad way of components that enable you to monitor tasks, organize assets related files and much more.

Asset Safeguarding

Protecting your assets secures your business. That is why WorthIT Fixed assets you in tracking them. The solution can even tell you their current location as well as their history in movement. You can also track the assets that are on loan to employees to ensure their safe return. Thus, you can even protect your investments.

Asset Servicing

Keeping your assets in good shape extends their lifespan and visibility. WorthIT Fixed Assets helps you to maximize your assets with its service module, which even tracks the maintenance and repair the histories of assets. This can even help you identify common problems so that you can troubleshoot them completely or you can create guides for employees to also promote the self-service. Moreover, maintaining the good status of your assets lets you avoid the costly downtime.

Asset Cataloging

Gaining a much deeper understanding of your assets can help you to take the full advantage of them and it even aids you in their repair and maintenance too. That is why WorthIT Fixed Assets provides with a cataloging component. This even enables you to list the parts and attributes of each asset as well as to describe the performance capabilities of special equipment. With this way, you can make better much more informed acquisition decisions.


Tracking the costs of projects, special activities and work-in-progress let you control your budget stringently. With the WorthIT Fixed Assets, you can do so with ease as it helps you keep a record of all transactions. On top of that, the software stores detailed information about your works in progress to help you to control costs and analyze.

Comprehensive Reports

At the core of WorthIT Fixed Assets is a broad range of reports, from financial and depreciation to activities/tasks and even budgeting the capital. With the help of these, you can even find the information you need quickly to help you to make critical decisions.

To Sum Up

WorthIT Fixed Assets is a Unparalleled versatility and depth of features in fixed assets management. Overall, it is the great tool to be used in the small and large business space.