Experience Real-Time Payroll On The Block Chain combines up with an ERC20 and Ethereum campatable Crypto Wallet with a payroll solution that puts your earnings in your pocket the moment you clock out, not weeks later. Instant payroll, automated on the Blockchain.

Payroll Benefits:

  • Earn Cryptocurrency: Support ETH and ERC20 tokens which include the stable coins like the TrueUSD.
  • True decentralization: No banks or the third party processors, delays and fees.
  • Better handle life expenses: Instant earnings mean no more putting off rent and bills.
  • More financial freedom: Not your employer, say when you get paid.

Wallet Benefits:

  • ICO’s: Participate in the ICO using your wallet address to receive your new tokens directly to your wallet safely.
  • Automatic Token Recognition: The Wallet works will automatically scan and detect the new tokens the moment they are received so you never have to worry about the managing custom tokens again.
  • Backup Phrase: The wallet allows you to generate a secure backup phrase for all the ERC20 and Ethereum.
  • Transaction history: Clearly shows the list of all the Ethereum and ERC20 token transactions with the convenient links to the transactions details on the etherscan.
  • Ethereum & ERC20 Token Compatible: The wallet works with the Ethereum and all the ERC20 token that you can store all of your digital assets in just a single place backed up securely with a single passphrase with on-device encryption.
  • Airdrops & Bounty: Easily and safely receive ERC20 tokens that you have earned from airdrops and bounty programs.

Workchain communications director Seb Kipman told Cryptovest in an e-mail interview: “Did you see the story that's all over the news about Samsonite CEO quitting because he got caught lying on his resume? Feels like a good opportunity to tell the story of yet another reason why the world badly needs the blockchain and its immutable data.” CEO Ivan Petrovic said that in today’s working world, employers stand no chance when it comes to trying to vet candidates. He continued, “A line in a resume can be easily made-up, and LinkedIn is unreliable because more than a third of people lie on their LinkedIn profile.”