Startup In Review: Whimsical Sticky Notes | Perfect Visual Project Management Tool

Whimsical Sticky Notes Introduction

Whimsical has already proved their talent with brilliant tools. The team is now on the mission to help you with their easy and fast tool, Whimsical Sticky Notes. This easy and flexible project management tool brings much delight to your work. No doubt, sticky notes are the simplest project management tool. Whimsical sticky Notes is coming with the easiest method. It’s not only for the small project but, for bigger projects too. Unlike the existing platforms, Whimsical Sticky Notes is quite easy and brings no complications. The process is funny, fast, and brings delightfulness.

Now let us see some of the inside features:

  1. Highly flexible and effective.
  2. Highly productive Kanban board to track of every process.
  3. Expandable cards that allow you to add the rich text description, images, and more. You can make sticky notes based on different plans in your day to day life.
  4. Resizable stacks permit you to bring more things to the sticky notes. The stacks are movable and you can use the whole board. The cards are rearranged automatically
  5. The board is the significant part of Whimsical Sticky Notes. It’s two-dimensional and offers a rich experience. Even though it looks like physical boards, it has no boundaries.
  6. You can easily add metadata such as labels and arrows. Then, it will become more functional.
  7. Visual Collaboration

How does it Work?

Maker’s Words

We can’t expect something usual from the makers of Whimsical Sticky Notes since they already introduced brilliant products before. This product is extraordinary. According to the maker and pro, Kaspars Dancis, The visual project management tool should not compromise on basics. And, they wanted to make this in a fast, simple, and funny way. This is the whole point behind Whimsical Sticky Notes.

It’s Completely Free

Whimsical Sticky Notes is completely free. Many users have been using several services of Whimsical. The lack of proper sticky notes was a drawback. Now the latest Sticky Notes brings more power to Whimsical. And the free service doubles the expectation of the users.