Whatsapp Gets Picture-In-Picture More

Facebook-owned Whatsapp has now started rolling out the new PiP mode for the Whatsapp Web users as well. The feature is already available on its app for both the iOS and Android users.

According to the report which has been revealed, the Twitter account which tracks the changes in the Whatsapp build has reported that the feature will now enable the Whatsapp web users to watch shared video just within the app at the time of chatting with the user simultaneously. Whatsapp web users can now watch YouTube or Instagram videos without exiting the app.

In order to use these feature users need to have the latest version of 0.3.1846 version of the WhatsApp Web. The report has also revealed that “WhatsApp was testing this feature also for videos hosted on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Stream-able, but it seems they decided to start to enable it for shared videos.”

In November, it was also revealed that Whatsapp is working on a dark model feature of its app. The company will soon roll out the feature on both the Android and iOS platforms. The report reported that Whatsapp dark model feature as of now is under the development stage and user might soon going to receive it via the update.

After the dark mode feature, the background of the app will be going to turn black and if you are using it at the night time in order to put less strain on the eyes. The dark mode feature is already present on some other apps such as Twitter, YouTube, Google Maps and others.

With respect to the dark mode feature in the Whatsapp app, it is also expected that the user will going to have manually enabled the feature at the time when they want to use. The company might soon also add a button using which the dark mode with automatically gets activated as per the time which is set by the user.

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