Safe High Yield Cryptocurrency Savings Account Via Whalelend

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Whale Lend is a high yield saving account for the digital assets, in which users can put their capital to work in the multiple cryptocurrency lending markets. The platform was designed for the users to earn interest on their digital asset holdings without taking excessive risks. The investment saving account work for everyone. Some of the pillars include the:

  • Daily paid interests
  • Interest rates fluctuate daily
  • Interest paid in the same currency as the investment (if you invest in ETH, you receive interest in ETH)

Whale Lend originally began as a bunch of code running on an old computer meant for just a few people. With time to time, more friends and family expressed their interest and asked to join. The developers then thought of making the platform available for everyone.

How Whale lend High Yield Cryptocurrency Savings Account Works?

Whale Lend sets out your capital to the crypto lending markets so traders can borrow. In return, traders pay the interest based on the agreed rates. Your capital remains protected and safely such that the traders can lose everything while your investment via Whale Lend stays put and safe. The platform operates on what they call “margin lending”.

Besides, Whale Lend as a service provider works with both the crypto exchanges and customer to facilitate the process o Margin Lending. It is neither a bank nor an Investment Fund.

Whalelend Benefits

  • A secure platform: Whale Lend uses industry-leading security practices.
  • Complete transparency: the platform provides the full details of the company and their team behind the service.
  • Multi exchanges: It diversifies amongst numerous exchanges to reduce risks.
  • AI Optimized algorithms: Whale Lend utilizes AI-powered lending algorithms, which continuously optimizes return in real time scenario.

Whalelend Risks

There is no investment without risk. At Whale Lend, two main risks are involved:

  • The cryptocurrency exchanges can become insolvent, especially at the time of the hacking, which can lead to a loss.
  • The cryptocurrency exchanges can fail to risk-limit their trading engines. Moreover, the risks are rare and most unlikely to occur in some of the major crypto exchanges.

To Sum Up

Whale Lend is for anyone with the digital assets lying idle in the wallet. The platform can help them earn money from it. In addition to it, if you want returns from cryptocurrency markets, but do not want to take the risk of buying directly, you can utilize the platform. Moreover, Whale Lend enables everyone to become a ‘Whale’ and earn interest from the lending market.

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