Get Awesome Video Conferencing Experience Via WebVideo

This internet thing is just a fad, right? Guess not. Turns out it’s the wave of the future. Video is a powerful and effective way of presenting content. Not everyone has the innate ability to write blog posts or enjoys putting pen to paper. And this is where WebVideo came into the picture.

WebVideo An Introduction

WebVideo is a video chat software that comes with video conferencing and online video streaming capabilities. This solution is ideal for performers and experts who offer services with ranging from professional instruction, entertainment, education, video chat and more. Users can offer the service video streaming and conferencing or they can opt to charge their viewers with the pay per minute billing and include tips if they want.

WebVideo is perfect for a corporate environment, especially for those that want to set up their virtual offices or arrange business meetings, and online training sessions. The software is excellent for virtual collaboration among remote based workers working on the same project but is located in different regions and time zones.

Latest and Best Video Chat Technologies

WebVideo utilizes the best technologies to run ensure smooth and seamless video conferencing experience for you, audience and your team. The server-side code is Java while the entire chat application is founded on HTML. It uses Flash Player to ensure unhindered video streaming. Security is also topnotch, with WebVideo implementing tight protection protocols and layers to shield you from possible attacks.

Optimized for Mobile

WebVideo supports mobile devices and platforms. This means this means that you can stream, conference, collaborate with your clients, stakeholders, colleagues and more even if you are away from your desktop. This mobile functionality gives you unparallel flexibility, allowing you to engage someone in a video chat or even provide instructions or give entertainment whenever and wherever.

Total Control for Models

Models who use WebVideo for entertainment purposes are provided with the plethora of control features that are totally unique to their line of work. They can even create and manage their own profiles and offer clients premium chat services. They get fast and professional chat application, option to receive tips from their clients, and offer the clients the three paid modes: private, group, voyeur chat. Models can also kick or ban clients from their chat sessions.


To Sum Up

Overall, WebVideo offers the great features to be used as a video chat and conferencing experience. It is a highly recommend tool for those, whose team is working remotely and want a proper video chatting experience.