7 Best Ways to Get CryptoCurrency For Free

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Over the years, Cryptocurrency has seen a surpass growth and hit back down to the earth. Be it an entrepreneur or pro-shareholder, it’s not an easy task to invest in the right business that drives maximum profits. Moreover,  If you have already spent money on cryptocurrency and looking for ways to get cryptocurrency for free? Don’t be frustrated. Here are the seven possible ways where you can earn free bitcoins.

  • Affiliate Programs and Referrals
  • Bug Bounty
  • Hold Wallet that Gets an Airdrop
  • Sign Up for an ICO
  • Find a Cryptocurrency Faucet
  • Cowdholding New Startups
  • Earn Free Bitcoin when you Shop 

Affiliate Programs And Referrals

One of the finest ways to get free crypto-coins is through affiliate programs and referrals. If you make your friends sign up and complete the transaction, then you would be rewarded some coins. This is one of the common and trouble-free ways to get free crypto and the scam risk is absolutely low. But, before you begin, make sure you pick one of the secured modes. 

Bug Bounty

Are you good at coding? You can easily earn bitcoins by finding the errors and help the developers on large-scale projects. They will reward you as much as they can. Not only for programmers, non-developer bounties include submitting on crypto forums, social media, online content that helps to hype the bitcoin. 

Hold Wallet That Gets An Airdrop

Airdrop refers to the free distribution of cryptocurrency tokens to the wallet addresses. Further, they are the marketing strategies that bring enthusiasm among visitors by making them connect through social networks, linking emails, messaging services, and more. You need to stay in touch with the applications, so you don’t missout next airdrop. Holding cryptocurrency wallet gets you an airdrop, which is the easiest way to earn free bitcoins.  

Sign Up For An ICO

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) make investors raise funds necessary for the development and expansion of the businesses. In exchange for the support, they provide bitcoins to the shareholders. The lenders hope that the token will bring huge profits in the future and sometimes offer bonuses for signing up or coin discounts. So, be cautious and make wise decisions before purchasing. 

 7 Best Ways to Get CryptoCurrency For Free

Find a Cryptocurrency Faucet

Crypto faucet is a reward system that compensates coins for watching videos, advertisements, links, or participating in surveys. The reason why it is called as the faucet is it gives you small coins, which doesn’t even make you rich. 

The bitter truth is, it’s hard for newcomers to find a non-spammy website and can’t completely rely on other website's information. Just do your research work, take the advice from Google and give it a try. Moreover, you need to keep on using the site, otherwise, you may lose the earnings.  

Crowdholding New Startups

Crowholding is a wonderful platform that connects blockchain businesses with the crypto-community. Further, it gives disruptive, innovative feedback for new startups to change the status with brand new business ideas.  

With the proper tools and knowledge, you can make it happen without any difficulty. Adding up, you can earn free cryptocurrency by holding coins and startup the tasks. More and more people invest in the startup, the bigger the rewards you get. 

Earn Free Bitcoin When You Shop 

Few companies use the hype of cryptocurrency to run promotions and attract customers. For instance, Lolli browser extension is available on Chrome and Safari users, where the user gets 30% back (crypto rewards) on purchases. Moreover, the extension sends a notification when you shop on a partner store online and sends bitcoin to Lolli wallet when you make your purchase.

Summing up, there are so many ways to get cryptocurrency for free of cost. Few of them are risk-involving and you may need to invest in others. Even professional shareholders fail to predict what’s going to happen in the future. By following the seven above-mentioned strategies, you can gain crypto coins for free and turn into the desired currencies, say US dollars, Euros, etc. 


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