Wallarm Raises $8M In Series A Funding

Wallarm is now looking to gain some of the shares in the growing market for the application security, with continued advancement to the company own framework for the Automatic Security testing(FAST) platform.

Today the Wallarm has announced that it has raised an amount of $8 Million in the funding round of Series A, which is led by the Toba Capital in collaboration with the Y Combinator, Gagarin Capital and Partech. Apart from just from the funding, the company is also rolling out the latest update of its FAST platform which also helps in providing the improved vulnerability detection.

“We want to invest more in developing the FAST product but more importantly in building a community for developers interested in practical security and security gurus who want to spread the wisdom,” Ivan Novikov, Co-founder, and CEO, Wallarm, said in a report. “The other direction we want to invest in is security research since we believe that only people with deep security expertise can build the right models for machine learning and security automation.”

Wallarm was founded in the year 2013 and had previously raised $2.3 Million in the funding round of seed. The Company FAST framework was announced on the 25th of April, which provides the automated security test capabilities for software. The FAST platform enables the fuzzing, as well as some of the other techniques to generate the automated tests for the application code.

FAST is a module which is built on the larger Wallarm Application security which is powered by the high capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. Novikov also explained that there are several modules which are also working together on the Wallarm platform which includes the Dynamic Application Security Testing, Next Generation Web Application Firewall, and Active Threat Verification and FAST.

“While FAST is is a part of Wallarm platform unlike the other modules it is also available as a stand-alone product,” Novikov said. “We want to continue our product expansion by releasing new unique approaches to improve our signature-less detection, Active Threat Verification and fuzzing with new impressive techniques,” he said.

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