Waddle | An Invoice Finance For Modern Business

Waddle An Introduction

Waddle is an invoice finance solution which is designed to provide both the small and medium-sized enterprises a unique financing alternative based on their customer's unpaid invoices. What Waddles does is that it goes through the user invoice data, thoroughly analyze the information, and provide with the pre-approved funds available for lending based on their unsettled invoices.

Once the user has decided to use Waddle, then they have to do is to specify an amount to be borrowed and Waddle will send the funds to the user business bank account the following day. Repayments are automatically made once the selected customer settle up their invoices. After paying their invoices, the amount is then instantly used to pay down the user existing Waddle balance.

Let us look at some of the features of Waddle:

Perfect for Startups and SMBs in Need of More Capital

Waddle is a great option whenever you need some of the quick cash to fund further your enterprise, no matter whether you are purchasing a y equipment, facilitating payroll for your employees or settling office rent. The model with which Waddle implements are simple. You can directly apply for a loan based on your company total unsettled invoices. Revenues from the paid invoices are then automatically applied to your existing Waddle balance.

The process is easy to comprehend, and the repayment is automated. That said, you need to tick off a few requirements to qualify for a Waddle invoice load. Your business needs to be: incorporated, operating for at least period of nine months, and have invoices to rise to other business once services are completed and goods are delivered.

Integrations with Your Accountancy/ERP Systems

Waddle easily collaborates with all your existing accountancy and ERP platforms such as the MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero in such a manner that no other lending solutions can replicate in such a way. Waddle gets into your system, access only the information it requires and analyzes all your business data. After processing your data and determining if your company qualifies, you are also offered a line of credit. That line of credit is automatically adjusted as soon as your invoices are raised and paid.

To Sum Up

Overall, Waddle is a great tool for the business firms which helps them in getting funding on the basis of their unpaid invoices. It is great for the business who requires funds at urgent basis.