Vudu Launches New Feature To Skip Objectionable Content

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The tech media company Vudu rolled out a new feature to its online streaming service that would enable its viewers to turn-off objectionable content.

Named as Family Play feature, it will give the viewers an option to toggle between on and off to screen violence, sex, and substance abuse, and strong language content.

If the filter is turned-on, Vudu will automatically skip inappropriate content and mute dialogues involving strong language. 

The leadership team at Vudu had earlier announced in May that the team had been working towards making their content appropriate to the entire family and children of all ages.

“We are not just going to be programming for Williamsburg and Silver Lake,” quoted Julian Franco, Senior Director at Vudu, when he revealed the company’s forthcoming plans. 

Vudu Launches New Feature To Skip Objectionable Content

Founded in 2004 by Alain Rossmann and Tony Miranz, Vudu is a tech media company that offers online streaming services. Wallmart set its eyes on the streaming platform, acquiring it for $100 million in February 2010.

Vudu has raised $36 million to date across 3 funding rounds with the recent round dating 11 years back to 2008. Vudu is backed by 6 investors with the most recent one being Artis Ventures and Benchmark. 

Vudu won't stop here and is expected to launch similar features for all its original content. Scott Blanksteen, Vice President at Vudu, addressed the company’s customers in a blog post.

He hinted that the company would provide viewers, the flexibility that would ensure that content and Vudu experience are appropriate for everyone to watch, including kids. 

Vudu also revealed its plans to partner with the non-profit organization Common Sense Media to provide ratings and reviews to featured content and to create a kid-friendly interface.

Today also marks another significant achievement as the streaming platform is set to launch its first original series, a remake of “Mr. Mom.”


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