Vox Media And New York Media Merge For Independent Media Company

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While the modern media industry thrives with a multitude of platforms and advanced technologies, the two biggest media platforms join hands for the coming years.

World’s leading multiplatform company Vox Media announced its collaboration with equally smart platform New York Media to form the smart independent modern media company. 

The merging will include New York Magazine and its five digital brands. The collaboration of the decade-old Vox Media and legendary New York Media will be more useful for customers as well as partners. The combined platform will be called Vox Media.  

Despite the merging, the editorial properties will remain distinct as before. But, the numerous business lines, customers, and partners will get the benefits of the independent media company. Vox media announced different platforms for each area involved in media processing. 

Vox Media And New York Media Merge For Independent Media Company

Marketers will get a robust plan and services from a new category of media companies. It will be backed with distinct advertising potential to offer a deeper, broader, and smarter service.

The company also aims at making the best content studio in media in all means of communication, video, audio, events, print, lead gen, and display. 

For New York Media, the merging will broadly reflect on the progress of the company in commerce and subscription businesses.

Within a few years, Vox Media succeeded in establishing the presence in TV and podcast, and it will be an undeniable capacity of the new platform.

The new Vox Media will enhance publisher services to content companies promising top quality media. Vox Media’s advertising marketplace, Concert will be available for publishers to monetize. 

The company offers its best-in-class publishing platform for content creation and distribution named Chorus to get more digital reach and increase revenue.

Clubbing Chorus and New York Media’s Clay platform will give more scope for publishers. Talented personalities can make use of Vox Media Podcast and Vox Media Studio as well.


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