Visa Invests In ChargeAfter To Give Additional POS Options

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Visa Inc. has set up a strategic partnership with Israel-based point-of-sale (POS) financing service startup, ChargeAfter, by investing a substantial amount in bringing additional payment options at checkouts in-stores or online for Visa cardholders.  

According to the agreement, Visa’s vast network of merchant acquirers, sellers, and banking partners will be allowed to use ChargeAfter to offer numerous payment services, financing solutions, and credit instruments of in-store and online dealers. Under the agreement, Visa’s banking partners can also act as direct lenders of the ChargeAfter platform to grant more payment options at POS. 

Visa Innovation Studio Tel-Aviv’s head Shahar Friedman said, customers more and more demand for flexible and additional payment choices regardless of their daily needs transactions or high-value items.

Visa Invests In ChargeAfter To Give Additional POS Options

With ChargeAfter, their mission is to make payments easier for shoppers and financial institutions to offer a range of modified, customized payment options at the point of sale that would allow consumers to manage their transactions as per their convenience.

In 2016, a high-tech industry veteran, Meidad Sharon, founded ChargeAfter with the mission of helping every individual by fulfilling their desires with affordable and attractive payment offers. ChargeAfter is the first payment solution that connects merchants and lenders and offers tailor-made credit options to their users in real-time at the POS.

In an interview, ChargeAfter founder and CEO Meidad Sharon revealed that our collaboration with Visa’s global network had created one of the biggest networks of global POC financing. The partnership with Visa will enable them to explore the Visa market and the privilege of working with over 16,000 merchant acquirers, issuing banks, merchants, and Visa cardholders worldwide.

ChargeAfter currently has 30 members in its Israel headquarter and a team of 10 members in its US office. Besides, it is planning to three-fold its headcount by the end of 2020.


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