Startup In Review: Virtlo | Travel Guide Using AR

Gone are the days when we used to ask people about the locations, nearest places and about something. Everything is changing in this real world and so our way of living, this is where Virtlo came into the picture.

What is Virtlo?

Virtlo is an Augmented Reality Travel online/offline app to find with all the nearest places around you! Virtlo will transform your iPhone screen into a virtual world full of discoveries.

The following are some of the most prominent features of Virtlo that make it a highly useful tool:

Your travel experience has never been so fun.

With the help of Virtlo you will be able to get the immerse for yourself on a journey like you have never imagined. You can explore your surroundings by just looking through your iPhone’s screen, find the nearest pharmacy or café or learn more just about the volcano you are looking at. Virtlo app is available at absolutely free of cost.

Use Virtlo anywhere in the world even offline.

The data beyond the Virtlo Augmented Reality experience is OpenStreetMap community which is highly driven crowdsourced data, that even counts the millions of places across the globe and grows every minute.

In Virtlo, the company has also made it possible for you to discover your surroundings even without the help of internet connection. All you need to do is to pre-download some of the small chunks of data for the destination of your next trip.


Use Virtlo to discover absolutely anything.

No matter at the time of travel or home, Virtlo will become your incredibly useful tool to discover your surroundings, explore some of the main categories and effortlessly find the places which you are looking for, or even the ones which you have never seen before.

The app has organized with the big diverse of data into more than 200 categories so that you can easily find anything you need with the Virtlo.

Bottom Line

Overall, Virtlo certainly offers enough features to be included in your travel toolkit. It’s highly recommended for those who are a frequent traveler.