Viewplex: A 360 Virtual Tour Creation Marketing Tool

A London based web Development company SourceCode Labs has now launched ViewPlex. With its brand new 360 Virtual Tour Creation Platform, revolutionary marketing tool which helps the businesses to create a 360-degree virtual environment of their commercial or product establishment. By adding a fresh new dimension to the existing marketing portfolios. And provides up with a rich, digitally and immersive interactive experience.

ViewPlex creates a visual simulation with the help of images clicked with any of the 360 degrees enabled camera. Which is stitched together and they can even be accessed via any Virtual Reality headset. The experience is even created in an Ultra High Definition 8K resolution. Moreover, the virtual tour can be modified to represent the company brand and gives the businesses the ability to add some of the informative labels. And even with the static images to their 360-degree recreation, enhancing their service features.

The content can then even be promoted by the businesses with the help of different social media campaigns to attract a number of views, and the brand engagement experience is given a major boost.

The specialist services which is as of now currently available in the UK for the 360 virtual tour creation. It charges the businesses anywhere between the £150 and £350 per hour. ViewPlex, moreover also seeks to bring this level of marketing and technology innovation to the smaller businesses. By keeping the minimum package which has been priced at £35/month for the subscription of 15 tours, along with the option to both the delete and creates of new tours within the package limit.

Benefits of the ViewPlex

The virtual tours which are created with the platform are a great marketing tool too even generate more traffic for the businesses. And increased interaction at the time of obtaining a higher click-through rate, and a higher number of repeat views as well. The digital recreation is a great way for the users or clients to learn much more about the products and its application, much more prior to booking an appointment.

A highly modified tool, the ViewPlex 360 Virtual tour platform is also a great addition in the arsenal of the real estate segments and automotive sellers. For the real estate agents, the tool is much more handy for the vast scale analysis. And in qualifying leads, and with the real-time measurement. With the help of its new platform, some of the prospective buyers can get a richer, much more interactive experience. Which will help them in making the much quicker decisions making.

The use of this platform is not just limited to the automotive, real estate, education, and tourism sector. As it can also make use of the ViewPlex 360 degree tours. In the field of Education, students can learn new museums and new places with an immersive 360 image experience. Automotive dealers can even take advantage of this platform to gather the 360-degree interior images of a car. In order to give the clients a better view of their purchase, while on the other hand, the tourism industry can benefit from the platform as visitors can now virtually view the place they are going out, before making the reservations.