VIE FIT – The World’s Softest, True Wireless Smart Earphone


VIE FIT is the world’s softest, custom-fitting, true wireless earphone, not only the ear tip but the whole housing touching your skin is made from ultra-flexible, low resistance, antibacterial, durable silicone so it seamlessly conforms to your ears' shape.

Vie Fit’s 360 rotating speaker system is omnidirectional and moves naturally to fit the angle of your ear delivering optimal sound directly to your eardrum. When combined with the gapless fit, you can enjoy the superior sound quality of the 8mm neodymium dynamic speaker.

VIE FIT uses the Qualcomm's latest module which comes with Bluetooth ver 5.0 with the latest audio profile. This module solves many problems existed in the past of audio drop out, caused by the right side & left side connectivity or Bluetooth and WiFi co-existence. It's the true wireless earphone perfected.


The startup has raised US$ 334,971 that is nearly 650%. It is backed by more than 3,000 backers. It has four option to get the special offer starting from $99 to $299. Visit below link and check out the best deal which you want to go with.


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