TweetReality: First Augmented Reality Client for Twitter by Oscar Falmer


Enjoy Twitter with an Augmented Reality experience! The first augmented reality client for a Twitter app TweetReality, made by Oscar Falmer, currently studying Computer Science and Mathematics in Paris. He coded and designed 5 apps available on the AppStore. During Summer '17, I was an iOS Developer intern at Nokia Health.

TweetReality App Features

  1. Timeline
  2. Search tweets
  3. Mentions
  4. Profile
  5. Write tweets
  6. Reply to tweets
  7. Like and Retweet
  8. Share
  9. 3D Experience – requires a VR headset
  10. Mute, Block, Report Integrated

He said, Using Apple’s latest AR technology called ARKit available since this summer, I have been working very hard every day on this project for 3 months. My goal was to innovate in what the future will look like, mainly by thinking about the upcoming glasses we’ll all probably be wearing. It was a lot of research about what is the best interface for humans to interact with in a 3D space, designing and coding. I also implemented a 3D experience feature if you use a VR headset. Hope you like it! Compatible with all AR Apple compatible devices: iPhone 6S, 7, 8, X and the iPad Pro!

Reference: Oscar Falmer, Product Hunt

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