Codey Rocky: The Robot That Helps Every Child Learn Coding & AI


Your new coding companion, Meet Codey Rocky

Codey Rocky is an entry-level coding robot for STEM education, suitable for children ages 6 and up. The combination of easy-to-use robotics hardware with graphical programming gives all children the opportunity to take their first steps into the world of code and compose their first “Hello World!” statement at the same time as they explore their creativity.


Codey is the detachable controller that holds all the magic. It includes more than 10 electronic modules that can be controlled via code. Rocky is the car that lets you take Codey anywhere you want so that your clever programs can be run everywhere.

The startup has raised US$ 84,126 till now and looking for US$ 100,000. It is backed by 772 backers and asking for your support. They have 13 supporting options and a great product and two of their Early Bird offers has been sold out. Visit below link and opt-in the best deal which suits you.

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