Vicis Completes $28.5M in Series B Funding

Vicis Inc., which is a Seattle based provider of sports protective technologies has now secured $285 Million in the funding round of Series B.

The investors include the Rx3 Ventures, NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The company as of now has plans to use the funds to continue developing the new technologies for players at all levels.

The company is founded and led by the Dave Marver, CEO, Vicis focuses more on the sports protective technologies. Its inaugural products the ZERO1 football helmet launched in the year 2017. The company also recently launched its ZERO1 YOUTH Helmet which is the first football helmet merely optimized for kids, for the individual and team orders. Just like its varsity counterpart, the ZERO1 YOUTH features a deformable outer shell and the columnar layer which is also designed to slow impact forces like a car bumper. The helmet has a lightweight, compact design tailored to the youth anatomies and also offers a wide range of view, allow the young players to see more of the field and to also react more quickly to the potential impacts.

“We invested in VICIS because its commitment to player safety – specifically at the youth level – is one we wanted to support,” Rodgers said. “We look forward to working with VICIS as they continue to develop outstanding technologies for players at all levels.”

In an effort to help youth football programs raise funds for the ZERO1 YOUTH and other protective equipment, VICIS and FundMyTeam are working together to help youth leagues raise funds for the ZERO1 YOUTH helmet on the FundMyTeam platform at a discounted rate.

“Our founding mission has been to protect kids,” said Dave Marver, VICIS CEO and co-founder. “The ZERO1 YOUTH helmet is the only helmet designed from the ground up for young players, and we are excited it is now available for order for the upcoming season.”

VICIS plans to bring its technology to other sports in the future. It’s also recently inked a contract with the U.S. Army, with plans to provide the Army and Marine Corps a version of its helmet, tailored specifically for combat.

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