Startup in Review: Versaic | Grant Management Software

Versaic which is cloud-based donations and grants management for the businesses that help in align up the community management projects with the corporate goals. It offers the tools which streamline grants management process from approval and review. This also makes your foundation work much more efficiently and lets you achieve your giving goals.

Versaic also provides you with features which allow you to oversee your corporate social responsibility activities finely. With this, you can even maximize your strategy and align your company with some more opportunities to showcase your consciousness about your impact on society.

However, Versaic enables you to collect the information securely about the customer success as well as your impacts on communities which you can use to determine the direction of your future CSR projects.

Streamlined Grants Management

Corporate foundations are more likely to receive a large volume of applications for grants. Processing them thoroughly can also take time and can even negatively affect your company community engagement projects. That is why Versaic offers the tools which will help in streamline the entire workflow from the start to the conclusion. This can also help you to work efficiently and give you the opportunity to document your business corporate giving impact.

Effective Community Engagement

One way with which you can show your company care for the society is by granting donations to select organizations. Versaic affords the ability to engage with your chosen communities and manage the financial help which is offered to those in need. This way, you can even better align your corporate giving with your company social responsibility mission.

Automated Payment Processing

To completely ensure that your CSR staff focuses on the critical projects, Versaic automates some of the tasks which is much more related to budgeting and payment processing. This means that your company can automatically channel up the funds to your grantee’s accounts while ensuring that you receive acknowledgments and that all you do not exceed your budget.

Impact Measurements

You can also find out how well your efforts have been paid off in your chosen communities with the Versaic reporting module. The application will also let you generate ad-hoc reports according to the criteria you set.