UpCodes AI Automates Code Compliance For Buildings

Architects are all about designing, and that isn't what seems to be the problem here. The real trouble lies in the burdensome process of code compliance that enters the scenario once you finish designing a building. Code compliance is written to make sure there's' safety and accessibility to the buildings, consent documents that precisely reflect the work done on the site. Code compliance certificate is a formal statement that is issued under section 95 of the Building Act 2004, that building work carried out under a building consent complies and is in accordance with that building consent. The codes include all the information and every detail from the height and depth of the building and the stairs and the end point of the railings, to the accurate measurement of the floor space available in front of toilets and, even the height and width of the windows. With frequent updates on the regulations in action, its understandable that even the most assiduous architects that are best at what they do miss out on a few regulations now and then, which often ends up being a costly affair.

Funded by Y Combinator Alumni, UpCodes, a San Francisco-based startup, intends to help the architects through the usage of Artificial Intelligence with a combination of natural language processing to build a program that UpCodes calls a “Spellcheck for the buildings.”

The program known as UpCodes AI is a plug-in that scrutinizes 3D models constructed with BIM data (building information modeling data) and notifies the architects about the possible problems involved. It draws on the same backend as UpCodes’ first product. The launch of UpCodes AI took place last week in front of the audience. As of this moment, UpCodes AI aids recent versions of Autodesk Revit. The annexation of Sketchup, IFC, and Archicad are intended to be done in the near future.

Scott Reynolds, the CEO, and co-founder of UpCodes says: UpCodes AI is like Grammarly, but for the construction industry. By bringing into attention the code errors involved in time so as to avoid any further delays, the software functions like your code consultant working right beside you at all times.

Source: Techcrunch, Source of the image: YouTube