With Unloc Digital Key Live The Future Of Digitize Doors By Just A Few Taps

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Imagine its chilling winter weather, your relatives arrived at your place, but you are away from your home and can't reach for almost 3-4 hours.  Although you even can't make them stand outside but didn't have any emergency spare keys hidden around so to ask them to get inside the home. If technology can do this thing, then it will be so relaxing for you and them as well to cut the time. 

Yes! The technology of unlocking the lock just by a swipe. Unloc is the same technology where you can share your digital key to everyone you want, anytime, and anywhere. The choice is yours, temporary sharing, or permanent sharing of keys.

Unloc was founded by a high school dropout, a self-taught programmer, and a series entrepreneur Kris Riise who is also known for his earlier creation of digital hub and data marketplace, Urbalurba. Kris had also developed a tool for Pokémon GO players and built Norway's leading smart city network of 1000+ members, Smart Cities Norway. Besides, he has developed many of Norway's most popular apps, such as OBOS, Ruter, Æ, and Posten.

With Unloc Digital Key Live The Future Of Digitize Doors By Just A Few Taps

Kris is also known for founding several businesses and served as an advisor for large organizations. He aims to bring effective and unique ideas for the world. With Unloc, he is revolutionizing the freedom of locking and unlocking doors with just a swipe and no requirement of physical keys, but a sharable app.

With this digitize key, Unloc is making life more comfortable, sharing keys through Unloc is as simple as sending a text message. Just a couple of taps and the access is shared. For receiving the parcel delivery, someone has to stay back home to attend the delivery person, whereas now with Unloc, you can share a temporary lock with the delivery executive, your maid, etc.

Unloc is made efficient and safe as it is built and designed in advance fashion. It uses Google Cloud Platform infrastructure and Flutter (app) + AngularJS (web) front-end. Unloc's design, development, and innovation are 100% made in-house from Oslo, Norway.

Unloc is a lock-agnostic platform that gathers all digital keys in a single app with multiple lock systems by using just the Unloc app's digital keychain. Unloc's universal app for all doors lock-agnostic platform is embedded to particularly help logistic companies, service providers, and elderly care providers, who cannot manage a variety of apps and its logins.

The team Unloc has grown from 0 to 10 since 2018, and presently it has almost 50 employees. The startup is stepping for enhancing its product and expand geographically. Unloc technology has been encouraged and by institutional investors in Norway by providing pre-seed as well as seed funding. To date, it has raised $1.2 million. The startup is focusing on bagging investments from international investors of Europe in 2020 and internationally within 2022.


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