Now Clarify All Your Organization Query Via Unika

Half of our modern economy is built on the knowledge workers and the knowledge-based work. But knowledge management as a concept carries a lot of baggage. When the people in companies bother to think of it at all, it brings up with the mind menial, and this is where now Unika, came into the picture.

Unika An Introduction

Unika is an Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Management SaaS solution transforms that how an organization creates, finds and uses knowledge. Unika provides the answers to the hard questions, a view of who knows what at the company, and quick access to relevant information across the multiple systems to help organizations become much more efficient in today evolving digital business landscape.

Let us look at some of the features of Unika:

Knowledge Management Hub

Unika is your hub for all knowledge sources stored across all your internal systems. Simply, create, Discover and Share Knowledge.

Stacks with knowledge campaigns

Organize and populate knowledge into a much more consolidated page that can be shared internally or within the clients as well. Deploy targeted knowledge campaigns to inform the employees about the active pursuits, product updates, and new clients.

Profiles based intelligent search assistant

Create profiles of people, clients, and projects to easily categorize the relevant information. Unika enterprise search function is built on the Artificial Intelligence-based Knowledge Assistant that can predict a user conversation meaning and even find the relevant and detailed answers easily.


User-based controls and access with the ISO 2701 certified, GDPR compliant. Secure architecture design and data encryption enabled.

Increase sales team efficiency

Reduce the time searching for the relevant assets by looking it from a single source. You can use the existing company information to eliminate the re-work. And discover the skills and expertise of the internal resources to help in answering hard questions.

Enhance Intranet Engagement

Manage and measure your intranet pages with the Unika powerful content management system, analytics, and integrations. Simplify and expedite the intranet creation process with the help of pre-built page templates. It even creates a culture of learning within the organization with rich media content, blogs, and knowledge campaigns.

Successful integration

Quickly get familiar with the new upcoming latest talent. Promote effective cross-selling by understanding your firm internal skill set. It also helps you to enhance the visibility of firm knowledge with the new hires.


To Sum Up

Overall, Unika offers the good features to be used for the knowledge management tool for your firm.