How Unfold Became Influencers’ Favorite Story Editing App

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When Instagram added the new story feature three years back, people went gaga over it and posted their stories without considering the imperfection in their photo. Instagram was a matter of instant photos back then; spontaneity was everything. Now, Insta stories become one of the major places we update our photos, and a lot of people use it for marketing as well. There is a brilliant tool behind many classy Instagram stories, Unfold.

Perfect Collaboration Always Give Magnificent Result

The idea unfolded in Alfonso Cobo’s mind as he was trying to make a story style portfolio ad bummed finding none. No app wasn’t available to make a good portfolio of his architectural designs. He met Andy McCune through Instagram. They collaborated for UNFOLDing. Cobo’s architectural backup and Andy’s experience as the founder of famous travel media brand Earth clubbed led to one of the most installed apps in the photography category.

Cobo Meets Andy

The beginning was not easy for Cobo. He borrowed $500 from his father to build an app for portfolio making. As it did not turn around as he expected, he borrowed another $500. Even though he connected the app with Instagram, Unfold didn’t get any customers. He engaged with a lot of influencers and travel bloggers. 

How Unfold Became Influencers Favorite Story Editing App

Even though he couldn’t get a great response from many, Andy McCune, founder of social media platform Earth replied. Back then, in October 2017, Earth had touched 1 million followers on Instagram. Their further discussions and meetings pointed out that they should work together. 

No Budget Marketing

The founders claim they did not spend any money on marketing, as the Instagram story itself a potent marketing platform. Mouth-to-mouth publicity was their greatest strategy. The first notable celebrity who used Unfold was Dulceida from Spain. As she used Unfold to put Instagram stories got viral, and many followers were curious about the app. She made a video to promote the app as well. They got over 50,000 downloads in the same month and became Spain’s no.1 app. Later, the app got promotion through a large number of celebrities and top-notch brands. 

The Mantra of Stunning Stories

In less than two years, Unfold has grown to the top priorities of famous celebrities and brands to edit Instagram stories. Many well-known influencers use Unfold to make their stories, and some of them include Camila Cabello, Olivia Culpo, Selena Gomez, and many more. Besides, top brands also prefer the app to bring crowd-pulling stories. 

For All the Social Media Stories

Even though many Instagrammers call Unfold an IG story editor, the creators made it for all the social media platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat. As Instagram beats all other platforms in the sector of photo showcasing, it’s widely used for IC stories, and become the synonym for IG story editor.


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