The $1.2 Million Worth Unapologetic Experiments of Gamelynx

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Multiplayer competitive games have been popular for quite a long time in the gaming industry, and the growth is rapid. Many game providers are sprouting up with esports as it is considered to be a $1.65 billion business by 2021.

As the new generation shifted from PC to mobile for multiplayer gaming and it has become the latest demand that every gamer is looking for, the solution is not far away. Gamelynx is all set to bring the best team-based competitive games on mobile.  

A Platform What All Gamers Looking For

Every entrepreneur who is ready to start his business should know the pulse of customers, according to Gamelynx founder and CEO, Alexander Mistakids.

As he grew up along with the development of games and gaming industry, he knew what updates and development gamers expect.

The in-depth research on gaming culture helped Alexander to a larger extent. As he built Gamelynx, his sole intention was to bring the esports and multiplayer games to mobile phones. 

A Game Developing Experience On Different Platforms

Competitive Games were not unfamiliar for Alexander, as he mastered several games at an early age. The passion for gaming-inspired him to do Computer Science at Waterloo University and six internships followed. The job at Riot Games was a breakthrough in his career.

The $1.2 Million Worth Unapologetic Experiments of Gamelynx

He worked on League of Legends, the quite popular multiplayer online battle arena video game developed by Riot Games. He developed the client update for four months.

The League of Legends gave him the first insight for launching trendsetting multiplayer games. Later he worked in four more companies for shorter periods. 

Knowing The Potential To Be An Entrepreneur

Alexander recognized three sectors that he loves, and he believed he could handle: art, programming, and understanding people.

He did not get a chance to experiment with these three things while working with other companies. He realized the power of building his own company to learn and express all his interests. 

Being An Effective Empathetic Leader

Even though Gamelynx grew up to a team and visioned big aspirations with consumer-focused gaming products, there is no personal capital.

For one and a half years, the team was bootstrapping Gamelynx. Despite the team being burnt out, accepted the hurdles in the business.

Alexander maintained the team without losing the spirit. He confronted each member’s burnout with empathy, accepting his own mistakes. With a relentless effort, the startup acquired $1.2 million from the world’s top investor, Y Combinator, in 2018. 

The YC Impact

The investment from YC paved a path to experiment with things. The team began with a website that let gamers play digital board games using your phones.

Later the team developed a platform that helped people to play together in person. According to the founder, he is not apologetic about any of his flaws. 

Learning Is Everything

Alexander believes in learning what we love, and he knows the distraction concealed in every journey of learning. If someone focuses on his learning, he will reach success.


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