Ulysses The Ultimate Writing App for Mac, iPad, And iPhone

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For distraction-free and persuasive writing, a pro writing tool is a must, as it enhances your productivity and writing skills. Writing tools are a  combination of power and grace, especially for professionals of the writer industry. There are many pro writing tools available in the market which claim to work but fail to perform, whereas Ulysses is the app that gives the complete writing environment for all apple devices such as Mac, iPad, and iPhone. 

Ulysses claims to be “the ultimate writing app for Mac, iPad, and iPhone.” No doubt to believe in this statement as Ulysses’ founder Marcus Fehn and Max Seelemann have over 14 years of experience in creating extraordinary software for OS X, and this is enough to create a masterpiece like Ulysses. In 2003, they created Ulysses’ predecessor as the first text processing software focusing on creative writers, and later they founded the firm in 2011 by considering all the needs and distractions a writer faces.   

With Ulysses, if you started writing on Mac, you can add on your iPhone and finalize the editing of content on the iPad, as Ulysses is programmed in such a way that the document library syncs with all iOS devices. Ulysses gives you the freedom to work anywhere; it is best for creative writers as they can note it down the thoughts anytime anywhere, Ulysses makes writing fun.  

Ulysses The Ultimate Writing App for Mac, iPad, And iPhone

Ulysses has a Distraction-Free Interface that offers a workspace where you can write without any unwanted popups, and you can customize it as per your taste. It has a Markup-Based Text Editor where you can mark headlines, passage, or comments without using a mouse. With Plain Text Enhancer, you can use all the features of a traditional word processor and also easily handles images, links, and notes.   

Ulysses has Themeable Editor, where you can generate themes and handpick color from Ulysses Style Exchange to make your content look eye-catchy. It also has various File Formats, where you can create beautiful PDFs, Word documents, and eBooks in desired format and style by just markdown file or HTML code.

Ulysses has Keyboard Navigation where you can work without a mouse; just a keyboard is enough. If you enable Ulysses Typewriter Mode, you can remain on the same line while typing i.e., vertically fixed- top, center, bottom, whatever you prefer. Typewriter Mode also highlights the line to keep you more focused.

Ulysses has organizational tools that have A Single Library for All Texts, here you don’t need to save everything; whatever you write, it automatically gets saved. Another organizational feature is Hierarchic Groups; you can make group and sub-groups and sub-sub-groups as per your understanding, this majorly helps in the project. 

Under Attachments, you can attach images, PDFs, notes, and keywords. Whereas in Filters, you can reduce the contents of the library according to the keywords, text occurrences, and even creation or modification date. You can track your progress, set writing goals, set word count, character limits, and deadlines all with Ulysses Writing Goals.

External Folders on Dropbox, this feature helps you to add dropbox folders to your text library so you can store your file in any plain text folder and collaborate with another folder. Besides, Export & Sharing feature makes it easy for exporting files. Clicking on Publish, WordPress, and Medium users can publish your written story with Ulysses. With Live Preview, you can see how your output is going to look. 

Ulysses is a paid app that offers you a variety of plans with 14 days trial. It has student discounts, and the basic plan starts from $4.99.


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