Is the UK’s COVID-19 Tracing and Testing System Is Not Good Enough?

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A recent report has suggested that the UK's tracing and testing system is not good enough to protect a second wave once schools reopen. This investigation came just after the last week's announcement of Prime Minister Boris Johnson about the rejection of lifting the further restrictions.

Alongside this, back of this announcement, the order of reimposed the lockdown restrictions on the northern parts of England- as the ministers and their advisers warned that they had witnessed the problem of rising infections. 

The chief medical adviser Prof Chris Witty concluded that they had reached the limits of lifting lockdown. It has given rise to the weekend of debate with people prompting pubs to close so schools could open again.

It was among one of the most curious aspects of the previous week's warnings that the government seemed so ready to incorporate the concept that infection rates were on its highs. The UK government is the one that is typing its best to mount a tough defense of its record.

National Statistics office runs the surveillance program, which has suggested the rise in the infection rate. However, there is a need to have a heavy caution around these findings - it is based on only 24 positive coronavirus cases among nearly 30,000 people over the course of 14 days. Concluding from such smaller numbers of findings is distressed with difficulties.

Is the UK’s COVID-19 Tracing and Testing System Is Not Good Enough?

Another key source of data found from the tested cases has also mentioned a vast number of infected cases increasing. Now the infection list has jumped to over 40% higher than it was in the July second week on a rolling-seven day average. However, this hides the fact that the number of tests being carried out is growing in number and being targeted at areas where infection rates are highest. The fact that if you take more testing, than you will likely find more cases. So if you look at the percentage of COVID-19 tests that are positive, there is a slight rise once you iron out the daily fluctuations. 

Oxford University's center for evidence-based medicine head Prof Carl Heneghan has made a point saying it is very important to adjust for tests being conducted and the concerned about his saying 'poor interpretation' of data. He added COVID-19 cases are simply not rising in any meaningful sense.

Recently, a source of much criticism has been doing NHS Test and Trace- run by a private firm employed over 20000 call handlers and contact tracers. However, it is not totally perfect, but it is achievement something. It is the service established and set up in England to tracing the close contacts of the infected people to encourage them to self-isolate themselves.

Besides, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland have their own systems.


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