Uber Works Is The New Staffing Business By Uber

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Uber, being a big player in the gig economy, is all set to materialize a new idea. It has decided to kick off a venture by the name Uber Works through which they have started a staffing business which supplies on-demand workers to the companies. 

Other than the on-demand cabs, Uber also has an on-order trucking platform, by the name Uber Freight in Chicago. With that, they have even started Uber Works, also in Chicago. 

The new venture is being run by Andrey Liscovich who, though, did not mention the number of employees but did say that the growth of his venture will happen very soon.

Uber is planning on pairing with staffing agencies, starting with TrueBlue. The pairing is to handle employment screening, verification, and payroll. 

Uber Works Is The New Staffing Business By Uber

Despite all this, Uber's idea of employment to the workers is very similar to the cab facility they have. Both these ideas involve giving temporary employment work to the people. 

Uber always strives for more profit and does that by branching their business. Under Uber cab services, they have 3.9 Million drivers, and the freight business having 40,000 employees. 

Liscovich said in an interview, that Uber Works will help the drivers get employment. It'll help them work as drivers without having a car of their own. 

California recently passed a law, where they require companies such as Uber, to treat the gig workers as employees and not as contractors. 

Starting this venture is going to be very fruitful for the company, for the employees, and for the people looking for short term employees.


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