Uber Lite App: 5MB Version For Better Connectivity

After Uber gave up most of its Asian market to Didi Chuxing, its Chinese rival after they both collaborated, Uber still holds a strong position in India. To ensure it grows and remains consistent with maintaining its position, Uber has come up with a new app called as Uber Lite. Whereas the existing Uber app has a size of about 180MB, the new Uber lite app is less than 5MB in size. Its specialty is that it works in poorly internet equipped conditions and areas. The good news is it works on any android app, and the bad news is it works only on Android devices.

Unlike the regular app, when you open Uber Lite, you won't see all the tiny cars moving around on the screen neither will you see a map. You will have a simple user interface to access. This ensures that the app runs really smooth and quick, which is precisely why it's made in the first place. The user location will be detected automatically, reducing the pain to type it all out. If at all there are any further connectivity or GPS troubles, you will be provided a list of popular pickup points to choose from.

To top it all, the app has a provision of cache that includes the most used pickup points in the city you are in, which means you won't need a connection to bring them up. Uber lite will study your most frequent go to places and helps in saving your time and effort that goes into typing. When you access the app, there won't be any maps visible to you, but if you choose to see the maps, there is a way you can do that too. But otherwise, there is a bar that indicates the progress of your trip.

Uber faced a rough time recently when it was accused of a sexual assault in India which resulted in its ban in New Delhi, the Capital of India. To make matters worse, the firm by means of inappropriate ways opted to obtain the medical records of the victim.

Although Uber holds 35 percent of market shares at present, Uber Lite can be a good start for its growth in India. On the other hand, its competitor Ola has 45 percent of market shares and has long launched a lighter version of its app that's only 1MB in size.

Source: Engadget, Source of the image: Motion Digest