Typely Gives You What an AI-Based Writing Software Can’t

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For sure, AI-based writing and editing tools help you get deep grammar corrections and suggestions. With some tools, you even get the writing tips based on the target and context of your content. But, is writing consists of those things alone? 

If we think in a broad spectrum, the unprecedented dependence on AI-based software is leading writers to a mechanical way of writing. And yes, we sometimes have to look back to the old-fashioned proofreading style. Typely is a free writing tool that is not at all focusing on grammar, but it helps you in something quite important. 

If Not Grammar, Then What?

In the introduction of Typely, the tool clearly says the tool is not emphasizing grammar. More clearly, grammar is not a concern at all. 

According to the founder Romeo Mihalcea, “Typely lie in its ability to neglect the so-called “false positives” by only going through a list of well known “issues”.Instead, it removes the distractions while you write. It is supposed to aid in writing without being annoying. In effect, instead of worrying about the grammar, you can completely look over your natural flow and ideas. 

Typely Gives You What an AI-Based Writing Software Can’t

Romeo launched Typely in 2017 on Product Hunt, and it became one of the leading products of the day. What people loved about Typely is its philosophy that brings back the old style of proofreading. 

Why Typely Do Not Consider Grammar? 

Explaining this, Romeo is bringing the targeted users to the context: native English speakers. According to him, checking the grammar and typos is not a big deal, and it doesn’t need artificial support. At the same time, being an attentive writer is not easy, and that’s what Typely stands for.

 More Focus on Your Content 

Here, Typlely brings the classic way of proofreading that is zeroing in on the quality of your content. It gives you suggestions on things most of the brands do not provide, such as redundancy, jargon, illogic, clichés, sexism, misspelling, inconsistency, misuse of symbols, malapropisms, oxymorons, security gaffes, hedging, apologizing, pretension, and more. 

On the other hand, when a tool is focusing on the usual grammatical things, it may largely miss the aforementioned issues. Being perfect in the content-side is more vital than in grammatical ways.

An Impressive Interface

It’s quite interesting to see how the Typely editor opens to you. Once you open, it clearly describes what things you get from the editor. You can see a section called a general setting that includes the general settings that come along with most of the tools. Besides, the important part is “which checks should be performed”, where you can select what the things should be checked out from the listed.

On the right side, you will get all the results and feedback on your performance. Your corrected document can be exported to Google Docs. Also, you can get the PDF report of your content.

Currently, it is testing a speech program, which lets you understand the flow of your writing through audio. It has no premium version as of now but expected to come soon.


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