Twitter VP Shares The Upcoming Features of the Platform In 2020

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2020 is around the corner; many businesses are looking forward with plans and ideas to be implemented in the coming year. Twitter is also in the line to bring a handful of features and updates in 2020.

Twitter VP Dantley Davis shared a list of features on Twitter he is “looking forward to in 2020,” and invited the suggestions and recommendations from twitter users.

Twitter Edit Button Is Coming

Many people are waiting for the edit button since Twitter's launch, but Twitter remains bold regarding the feature: NO edit button in 2020. Interestingly, only a few people suggested an edit button in Dantley’s Twitter thread. So, what are the features listed?

Remove Me from This Conversation

Currently, it is not possible to detach from a conversation if you are tagged or mentioned in a tweet. With the upcoming feature, you don’t need to bear all the dumping; you can remove yourself from the conversation.

Twitter VP Shares The Upcoming Features

Don’t Allow RT of This Tweet

You can turn off the retweet button for your every tweet. Wait, but who doesn’t love to be retweeted? Depends on the context, you may find the scope of this feature. For instance, you’re targeting a certain section of people in your followers’ list, and there is no point in someone retweeting it. Similarly, some RTs appear for the wrong reason. It can also be controlled. 

No @mention Me Without My Permission

This is one of the features many users are waiting for. Mentioning without concern is not always a preferable feature, despite the impact of mentioning in several contexts. The same feature is also coming for conversation thread as well. You can customize @mention me option. 

Tweet This Only To: Hashtag, Interest, These Friends

Twitter has already discussed the feature before. This would help you to make your tweet more productive and engaging. You can choose the targeted audience using hashtags and interests.  

Users are expecting their suggestions to be implemented as well. One of the proposals from the audience is adding the ‘Twitter presence’ of each user with the “green dot.” 


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