Twitter Is Launching Reddit-Like Threaded Conversations

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Famous app researcher Jane Manchun Wong reveals Twitter’s testing on Reddit-like threaded conversations. She explained the testing through a tweet and getting mixed replies from the users. Currently, commenting on a tweet’s reply is confusing for many users. To make it easier, a new prototype is expected to launch on the platform in 2020.

Reddit’s conversation tree is the most convenient and practical conversation system among social media platforms, where users can easily understand other replies or posts.

Conversations on Twitter seem very complicated since there are too many replies, and threads. In early November, an experiment app had launched for the customers to try new prototype Twitter features. The app also offers some services to test, mainly conversation test which is added themes to chat like presentations with color-coded users and indentation. The app can also explore things such as new ideas for status updates and attach introductory tweets.

Twitter Is Launching Reddit-Like Threaded Conversations

After a few months of testing, Twitter recently announced its  ‘Hide Reply’ option. So, the users can hide the replies of their tweets if they are irrelevant and unnecessary. While it tested, 85% of the people chose to hide replies rather than blocking. In Canada, 27% of people who have hidden their replies reported that they would reconsider how will they interact with others in the future.

Two days back, Twitter announced the deletion of inactive accounts. It will send an email to the owners of inactive accounts with a warning of removing accounts that haven’t signed in for more than 6 months. Twitter will roll out implementing the process by December 11th.

Last month, Twitter VP had revealed some of the features the platform is going to implement and asked for suggestions from users. Even though it has started testing various features, the Twitter edit button still remains a dream. Regarding conversation, the main upcoming feature will be ‘Remove Me from this Conversation.


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