TVA Offers $200 Million Customer Credit for COVID-19 Relief

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The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) announced a $200 million COVID-19 pandemic relief package for local power agencies, including a 2.5% discount on its basic electric rates.

Local power providers would make a decision on the way to use the base rate credit, which can include reducing customer rates and limiting utility cutoffs for customers hurt by the ongoing crises.

TVA CEO Jeff Lyash said that TVA's team merely has been doing a great job at continually searching a way to improve reliability and lower the costs. Alongside this, the TVA team is dignified to deliver outstanding performance in the 2020 fiscal year despite the challenges that occurred by COVID-19.

Last year the utility said that it would try to maintain its electric rates stable over the next 10 years, and in 2020, it offered a 3.1% refund to local power providers in return for signing long-term deals with TVA.

TVA is based in Knoxville, Tennessee, supplies electricity to local power companies and businesses. Around 10 million people depend on the agency around seven parts of Southeast states- Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

TVA Offers $200 Million Customer Credit for COVID-19 Relief

TVA has been locking itself into a utility deal to offer a long-term deal to purchase electricity from TVA. At TVA's board, Jeff Lyash said that the public power system bedrock is in the long-term partnership between local power companies and TVA. 

Jeff Lyash stated that 141 local power providers had signed 20 years of agreement in 2019, representing 90% of the local power providers across the region and around 90% of TVA's annual revenue.

Some critics argue the move keeping the local power companies from finding cleaner and cheaper energy sources.

Jeff Lyash also praised a new deal that the power utility has organized with labor unions. Their collaboration with various unions moves back to decades. All of them are TVA's backbone and their ability to serve the people of the Tennessee Valley.

TVA and labor representatives for the agency's craft employees have outstretched a decade agreement. Jeff stated that this would be the most extended project agreement in the US and other great steps forward in their collaboration with the trade unions.

In early August, President Donald Trump has bombarded the TVA management from the White House's Cabinet Room for contracting technology jobs. He signed an administrative order of prohibiting federal agencies from externalization jobs overseas, a direct result of TVA's decision to send a minimum of 120 IT jobs to 3 software development contractors headquartered outside the US.

TVA President and CEO Jeffrey Lyash, who was hired in February 2019. Jeffrey Lyash was signing the order, Donald Trump fired 2 board members of TVA and pushed them out of the board to remove Lyash, stating that he was grossly overpaid.

At the beginning of the TVA board meeting, meanwhile, John Ryder, TVA board chairman, addressed Trump's criticism of Lyash's pay.

John Ryder said that it is essential to highlight that questions over the repayment that do not reflect questions about Jeff Lyash's performance. Jeff's relatively short time at TVA, his leadership has been instrumental in leading the organization through very challenging circumstances and delivering performance improvements, believing the best interest of the 10 million people TVA serves.

At 27th August's meeting, TVA's board member Kenny Allen has announced that TVA will now regulate a review of executive pay, which includes $8 million in Lyash's annual repayment package, employing newly-hired consulting firm FW Cook.


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