Now Manage Your Tutoring Business Via TutorCruncher

TutorCruncher An Introduction

TutorCruncher is an all in one management software for the tutoring business that is most suitable for the startups and established companies. It provides you with a space for managing your tutors and for assigning them, classes. Apart from that, the solution even enables you to create a fixed schedule for the week or the month so that you can focus on some other critical tasks.

Furthermore, TutorCrunch makes the financial management for your business a straightforward process. It can even generate the invoices and append the tax calculations automatically to reduce the time spent on this task. Apart from that, the solution can accept the online payments for you, and it even affords you the ability to pay your tutors online as well.

Let us look at some of the features of TutorCruncher:

Streamlined Accounting & Payment Management

With TutorCruncher, you can calculate the bulls with taxes, payout salaries and accept payments from the same interface and save time in doing so. The solution generates invoices automatically, thus abstracting the need for the manual time and fees computation. It also has an integrated online payment gateway which is supported and powered by the Stripe to ensure that the secure acceptance of payments.

Personalized Communications

TutorCruncher assists you in ensuring that tutors and students arrive at the sessions on time. The platform is equipped with an email editor that lets you create personalized emails for your reminders, invoices, announcements and more. You can eve utilize them for your marketing campaigns. Because of these tools, you can safeguard the profitability of your business, gives clients a consistent experience, and keep the customers engaged regularly.

Convenient Lesson Scheduling

While you have the power to create the schedules and assign lessons to tutors, TutorCruncher also enables you to empower students and their parents to book lessons at their convenient time online. That is because the solution can integrate with your website and display tutor avail-abilities as they book classes. This way, they can have lessons with their preferred tutors when expedient for them.


To Sum Up

Overall, TutorCruncher offers the great features to be used as a business software tool. It is as of now one of the best tutoring business management software tool with timesheets, invoicing, payroll, scheduling and management applications.