Trifo’s $15M Funding and Latest Vacuum Robot Lucy Come Together

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Home robot manufacturer Trifo, earlier known as PerceptIn, has raised $15 million along with the introduction of its brand new room-recognizing robot vacuum cleaner Lucy. The new robot, Lucy, will be exhibited at CEA that falls in the second week of January 2019. 

The round witnessed the participation of Yidu Cloud, Matrix Partners, and Tsinghua AI Fund. With this, the total investment capital hits the $26 million mark. In 2017, it raised $8 million A Series funding. Adding the seed funding, it was $11 million back then.

Many companies have been endeavoring smart home robots in recent years. Despite very innovative ideas, most of the companies are facing technical hurdles. Trify’s Lucy will be a milestone in the home robotic spaces. For the same reason, the latest investment will be reflecting on the startup’s production of more hardware and software solutions and to disrupt European and the US market.

Trifo’s $15M Funding and Latest Vacuum Robot Lucy Come Together

“Revenue for smart home products globally will grow to $28.4 billion in 2020, which is up 54% from $18.5 billion in 2018, and the feature set of these devices continues to improve,” Zhe Zhang, Trifo’s Founder and CEO, said in a press release.

Trify has two existing vacuum robots named Ironpie and Max, and the latest vacuum robot Lucy is expected to be much more advanced. It is not only a vacuum cleaner but also roams around all over your home to recognize any unwanted visitors. For the surveillance, the device is equipped with two cameras and unique software.

Coming to the cleaning part, Lucy can recognize and divide rooms automatically. You can assign cleaning areas through Trifo Home App. Advanced 6-core ARM SoC enhances the functionality of the robot. 

Most of the existing vacuum robots cannot identify obstacles less than 4-inch tall. At the same time, Lucy is capable of recognizing things down to 1-inch. Thus, it can move on clearly understanding the obstacles. 

Trifo’s $15M Funding and Latest Vacuum Robot Lucy Come Together


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