Toyota and Uber Might Be Developing Self-Driving Tech Together In Future

Toyota and Uber are looking forward to working together in the development of self-driving cars. Uber would share its self-driving tech in Toyota Motor Co vehicles and expand its self-driving tech to outside companies, the Nikkei reported on Friday.


Although the Japanese leading business daily didn’t quote any sources, the news report mentioned that both the companies are working on a possible deal. Toyota plans to work with Uber’s automated driving system and will be testing with Toyota's automaker minivan models, and that Uber’s CEO met with Totoya’s executives in the United States earlier this week.

Toyota has been building its self-driving tech for a while now, tech that includes situated driving functions and since, it has been open to partner with any other firm that's working on automated driving. By doing so, Toyota hopes to bring new mobility technologies to the market at the earliest. Toyota and Uber are working together on taxi and development of self-driving systems.

These partnership talks do not come as a surprise since global automakers and technology giants are working hard on developing self-driving. There is steady growth for the demand of automated cars for obvious reasons, such as, the on-demand vehicle service takes over the traditional business model of personal mobility needs which is mostly dependent upon individual car ownership.

Uber along with Toyota are battling against world’s leading tech developers. For instance, Alphabet Inc’s Waymo has been working on making self-driving tech available for the masses as soon as possible. According to a Reuters report, the Japanese car maker said that it was working with Uber to develop a system of self-driving cars which would be available for parcel delivery and taxi services. Uber itself has been testing its automated vehicle and has been working with Volvo Cars and Daimler AG. Toyota is an investor in Uber and is flexible with its vehicle leasing terms for Uber drivers.

Source: Nikkei