Topbox Raises an Amount of $5M for its Customer Analytics Service

TopBox, the startup which helps business to know what is the customer experience about their product and where they are missing in providing the best facility by analyzing text, voice chat surveys, online reviews and social media channels. Today, the company has revealed that it has raised an amount of USD 5 Million by Telescope partners, in participation with Flyover capital, the Maryland Venture Fund, and Cascade Angels.

The CEO of TopBox Chris Tranquill told in the report is that he first experienced the issue when he try’s to solve at the time of running a call center with lots of agents. All the companies with whom they are providing service have the same issue: understanding the friction points their customer were experiencing.

“We always had this vision that being able to understand those friction points with deep context really — that’s what the key is — but getting to that granular level of detail so that you can have that context to support a decision,” Tranquill said. Say you want to understand what issues customers are having with a new shoe. Ideally, Topbox will aggregate all of the data across all channels about that shoe and help the company understand who the wearers are and what issues they are experiencing.


Moreover, companies can do this on their own as well but data exist in bulk and combining the data is a big task. TopBox uses the latest technology to ingest the data and then run it with the help of clarification models. According to a report, Transquilli has not revealed the secret behind the ability to classify data.

Currently, TopBox users include Bed Bath and Beyond, Western Union, and Orvis. With the fundraising, they will expand its product into the new market and continue to develop its product. The company is also going to launch a new UI and bring machine learning expertise as it looks to provide its users with more profound insights into their data.

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