Top 7 Companies which Accept Bitcoin Payments

August 5th, 2022

The bitcoin word is well known in this modern world, and it is all due to its unique features, benefits, and profit-generating potential. Several people are connected with this digital currency, and the best part is you can also be on that list. It is world-famous crypto and holds a position on the top of the table board. There is no doubt in the statement that bitcoin crypto is the only way to be a millionaire in a short time, and many people agree with this statement. However, there is a platform that can help you to trade, you may signup with and use anytime. If you would like to study the subject of the top 7 companies accepting this cryptocurrency as payment, read the list below. 

Top 7 Companies which Accept Bitcoin Payments


You all have heard about the name right because we are using our personal computers because of the windows provided by this company. But Microsoft is not selling their windows through this digital currency and also not promoting it. This company started accepting bitcoin payments in 2014. The only thing you can purchase from this digital cash through Microsoft is Xbox, games, apps, and window mobile phones. It is incredible and fitting, and if you are a gamer and have an investment in this crypto, you should not miss the chance to purchase it from this payment mode. 


There are many big names on the list, and in that list, another name added is Overstock, an online retailer store of furniture and all. This store started accepting crypto payments in 2018 and is now a crypto company. You will be shocked to hear this thing out, and that Overstock is the first major retailer that accepts crypto payments. It is fantastic, right, and this store beats Microsoft and PayPal by accepting crypto payments in high amounts. At present, this store is one of the hottest e-commerce platforms.  


You will be stunned to hear that now you can also use the bitcoin crypto here for making payments, but there is a unique process to it. In March 2020, his store started accepting crypto payments, and if you want to pay the bill, you have to use an app. The name of the application is the Bakkt app, and when you use it, this app will convert the dollar amount into crypto coins which will help you to pay the bill. 


If you want to shop for electronic gadgets and all, then you must visit the Newegg store because it is well known for gadgets. But if you are a crypto investor, you will get a double bonanza because you can now use the crypto coins to complete the payment. It is because every product contains a QR code. So as soon as you scan it, you will be able to pay the amount. 

Home Depot

The Home Depot is also now in the market of competitors, and it is also accepting crypto payments for selling its services. This website is using the Flexa system, which is used to accept the bitcoin crypto from its digital scanners, and the best part is there is no need for any new hardware. The Flexa system directly converts the number of bitcoins into dollars, giving both parties what they want. This system helps them to ease their work.

If you want to take a flight that accepts payment in this digital currency, you should immediately jump on This website has been offering their customers to book their flights from bitcoin crypto since 2013. The best part about this website is it also books hotels from the bitcoin crypto network, so you can also book hotels from it without any hassle. There are so many cryptos accepted on this platform you can use which one you prefer. 

AMC Theatres

In this 21st century, this company has also started accepting crypto payments because of the massive push from several companies. In these theatres, several payment options are available, not only Apply Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal payments. You can now use crypto payments also for booking. You can use any crypto you prefer for booking online tickets and can easily enjoy the movies without any tension. According to the customer's data, people can use bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, and more booking options.

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