Tile Partners With Google To Enable Voice Command To Track Items

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The Bluetooth tracker company Tile has taken a huge leap by entering into a partnership with the tech giant Google to integrate its tech with Google Assistant to enable its users to find their lost and misplaced items easily.

Tile’s portfolio products are fixed to everyday items like keys, wallets, bags, and so on, which can be tracked using the platform. Tile uses Bluetooth and crowdsourcing technology to track the lost items. 

The new partnership will allow its users to use voice commands that will trigger a ring in the hardware product attached to the missing item.

The company has stated that the new feature will be rolled out sometime by next year. CJ Prober, CEO of Tile, exclaimed that the partnership was a big new for all its customers.

He stated that Google would soon join the personal search party of its customers to find their lost and misplaced items. 

Tile Partners With Google To Enable Voice Command To Track Items

Launched in 2012 by Mike Farley and Nick Evans, the company created hardware products named Tiles that help in tracking everyday items.

The hardware components come in different sizes and features so that it can be attached to different products. The company relies on crowdsourcing technology, which taps into the network of its users to locate the lost items.

The Tile users have to run the companion app on the background that would give access to the company to locate the lost product if it comes in the vicinity of their range. 

The partnership with Google has come at a very crucial time for Tile. It has been rumored that Apple is set to launch its own tracking feature.

Codes referencing to a new app to track everyday belonging has been unearthed from the IOS platform. The partnership would come as a huge relief for Tile as it gears up to take on the Big 4 Tech company, neck on neck.


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