TikTok Hits Back Against Accusations of Its Chinese Influence

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TikTok defends itself after Congress Members’ accusations of Chinese influence on the popular platform. According to the latest TikTok blog, it "does not remove content" based on Chinese sensitivities. 

Even though the accusation popped up a few weeks back, it became severe on Wednesday. Two senior senators, Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Tom Cotton (R-AR) had sent a letter to US intelligence officials to investigate TikTok, on Wednesday. The letter asked to scrutinize if TikTok has the Chinese government's influence and if it brings any threat to national security. Beijing-based Bytedance owned company defended all the accusations raised against it. 

“We are true to transparency and accountability in how we support our users in the US and around the world. In light of recent claims, we think it is critical to set the record straight on some specific issues,” it wrote in the blog. 

The scrutiny is part of an increasing dispute over perceived national security risks posed by Chinese tech. TikTok is not the first tech firm to come in line. Replying to the US senators, the Chinese firm clearly stated its stand in two matters: data privacy and security and content concerns.

According to the company, all TikTok users' data is stored in the United States. The backup redundancy is also not in China but in Singapore. Also, the data is not subject to Chinese law. A potential team of cybersecurity policies, data privacy, and security practices is working with the company, commented on the blog. 

TikTok also assured it does not remove content based on sensitivities related to China. It has a content moderation team based in California to censor the contents in the US, similar to any other company in the sector. 

TikTok is growing at a breakneck pace crossing records after records. There are over 110 million downloads in the US alone, and the total users over the globe are about 500 million. America is the second-large market of TikTok, following India. 


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