TikTok Launches Its eLearning Program In India Named Edutok

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By the end of May 2019, TikTok users in India crossed 300 million, according to Statista, and India is the biggest market for this ByteDance owned app.

The extraordinary addiction of Indian teenagers had even led to a temporary ban of TikTok in India recently. The impact of TikTok is immense, and the new development of the short clip app is going to improve the eLearning sector as well.

TikTok has launched its new educational program named Edutek in October this year. 

This is for the first time TikTok comes with such a program under education. Through this program, it’s working with several content creators and firms in India to improve the productivity in the platform with educational videos.

The clips will be bite-sized as usual but will include several educational topics, from school-level science and math concepts to learning new languages.

TikTok Launches Its eLearning Program In India Named Edutok

The social app is also bringing videos that offer tips on health and mental awareness and motivational talks. The company claims that creators have made more than 10 million videos tagged  EduTok, with over 48 billion views in total.

To bring it into being, TikTok had partnered with various educational firms in September. The major firms that collaborated to create contents include Vedantu, Vidya Guru, Hello English, and CETKing.

Along with the launch, it has revealed more collaboration with eLearning institutes such as Toppr, Made Easy, and GradeUp

TikTok’s entry will bring competition in the educational video streaming sector. Youtube had launched its educational program early this year.

Yet, the bite-sized clips gained incredible popularity, and it can establish its presence in the eLearning sector without any hassle.

Launched in 2017, TikTok grew at an unimaginable pace. TikTok is at the 5th position in the most popular social networking sites in 2019. In India, its growth is more than Facebook. The USA is the second-largest market in TikTok.


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