Theia Comes With A Practical Solution For The Issues of Working Parents

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Many professionals all over the globe find it difficult to balance their job and parenting. It’s beyond multitasking. Having a child requires much energy, time, and patience. Unfortunately, most of the working parents are destined to be frustrated while juggling between family and work simultaneously. But, there is obviously a solution to the issue. This thought led two working mothers to found Sao Paulo-based Theia

Two Mothers Who Experienced Parenting-Job Clash

Flávia Deutsch and Paula Crespi, two mothers from Brazil has experienced the hurdles of parenting while working. They met at Stanford while doing MBA as Crespi one year senior to Deutsch. With MBA graduation in finance, and started working with different FinTech companies in Brazil. 

They both experienced the stressful phase of parenting while working. If Crespi was already a mother of two children, Duestch was pregnant.

“We saw that reconciling career and family was difficult, especially for women. We wanted to build a business that would solve this pain, ”says Deutsch. 

Theia Comes With A Practical Solution For The Issues of Working Parents

Theia: An Innovative Way Of Balancing Work And Parenting

Through Theia, the founders are introducing a platform for working parents. The foundational idea of the platform is to provide solutions for the concerns of moms and dads regarding balancing work and parenting. Parents can chat with Theia’s nursing professionals trained to deal with potential stress from parents and give the first advice. This debut service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Secondly, they are planning to educate parents regarding multiple areas of parenting with the help of professionals from different fields. It includes career coaches, parenting educators, breastfeeding specialists, doctors, nutritionists, obstetricians, pediatricians, and psychologists. 

Building a connection among the working parents to each other is also in the plan list. It allows parents with the same situation can share their problems and solutions.

They have another plan to pave a path for bringing a balanced culture for working parents by collaborating with various companies. One of the primary reasons for this stressful situation is that the companies are not parents-friendly. Developing an ethical culture in the corporate sector will bring immense improvements. 

Funding And Founding

The ideation of Theia started at the beginning of 2019. By introducing a pretty innovative business idea with social responsibility attracted several parents and investors. The startup has already raised $7 million in the recent financial round led by Brazilian venture capital Kaszek Ventures, and Maya Capital also participated in the round. The platform is currently in the testing stage and expected to go live in early 2020. 

There are a lot of issues in our society, and advanced technology can solve several such problems. Theia is also funded with a purpose to help parents. Above that, the founders experienced it, and they know the scenario.


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